How does a Corrugated color box compare to a cardboard box?

Publish Time: 2024-01-14
Corrugated color box and cardboard box are two common packaging materials. They have some differences in structure and use:
1. Structure: Corrugated color box is usually composed of three layers, including two layers of surface paper and corrugated paper in the middle. This structure makes the corrugated color box have good pressure resistance and strength. Cardboard boxes are usually made of single or multi-layer cardboard without corrugated paper structure, which is relatively simple.
2. Strength and durability: Because the Corrugated color box uses a corrugated paper structure, it has good compression and tear resistance, and can protect the goods inside during transportation and storage. The cardboard box is relatively thin, so its load-bearing capacity and durability are relatively weak, making it suitable for items with light loads.
3. Scope of application: Corrugated color boxes are generally used for packaging small commodities, such as electronic products, food, gifts, etc., and can provide good packaging display effects. Cardboard boxes are suitable for packaging some large and heavy items, such as furniture, machinery and equipment, etc.
4. Customizability: Corrugated color boxes can be personalized through printing, lamination, etc. to meet the packaging needs of different products, while cardboard boxes are mainly simple plain boxes, which are relatively unsuitable for personalization. Decoration.
Corrugated color box or cardboard box needs to be selected based on specific packaging needs and item characteristics. Corrugated color box is suitable for packaging and display of small commodities, with good protective performance and attractive appearance to consumers. Cardboard boxes are suitable for packaging and transportation of large and heavy items, and the cost is relatively low.

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