What are the printing processes for corrugated color boxes?

Publish Time: 2024-01-02
The printing process of Corrugated color box mainly includes two methods: direct printing and pre-printing.
Direct printing refers to printing directly on corrugated cardboard. This method requires the use of a special corrugated cardboard printing machine to print patterns and text by applying ink on the surface of the corrugated cardboard. Since printing is performed after the cardboard is formed, the printing quality and color effects may be affected to a certain extent. In addition, this printing method requires high technology and experience to ensure that the ink is evenly applied on the cardboard and to avoid damaging the structure of the cardboard during the printing process.
Pre-printing is a more advanced printing process, also called "gravure pre-printing". This process first uses a gravure printing machine to print on web paper, and then rewinds the web paper to be used as veneer paper for corrugated cardboard. By pasting the veneer paper with corrugated cardboard, you can get a Corrugated color box with exquisite printing effects. The pre-printing process can provide high-resolution printing effects, and the printing quality and color effects are relatively stable and reliable. In addition, because the gravure printing machine can print continuously, it can achieve high-speed and efficient production.
In the pre-printing process, attention needs to be paid to pattern alignment and precise cutting. In order to ensure that the pattern is correctly aligned on the Corrugated color box, a photoelectric tracking control system needs to be installed on the veneer paper for precise positioning and cutting during cutting. At the same time, the pre-printing process also requires attention to the selection and deployment of ink to ensure good adhesion and durability on the cardboard.
In addition to direct printing and pre-printing, there are also some special printing processes that can be applied to the production of corrugated color boxes, such as local UV varnish, embossing, indentation, etc. These special processes can increase the texture and decorative effect of the Corrugated color box, making it more attractive.
In short, the printing process of Corrugated color box needs to be selected according to specific product requirements and production conditions. Different printing processes have different characteristics and application ranges, which require reasonable selection and application based on actual conditions.

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